OUR BRAND - LOGOOur character.Our heart. Our anchor. Our Pulse of Bahrain

Our logoLogo versions and clear space

Our logo carries our identity and embodies our brand in self-confident, moving and unique way. With its power and clarity, it lets the brand appear elegant, modern and charismatic. The decisive factor is the new vivid picture mark, the rhythmic B. It comes across as open, dynamic, and vibrant, and it compellingly visualises the core of our brand strategy “The Pulse of Bahrain”. Its monochrome appearance in the characteristic Benefit red, the primary brand colour, supports the compact and accessible look. Finally, the picture mark is supplemented by the miniscule lettering “benefit” in both Arabic and English. In order to flexibly adapt to its environment and its needs, there are two logo versions:

Benefit logo

Others are experiencing and they’re loving it!


Participating Banks

All Benefit affiliated retail banks are participating and these are: