OUR BRAND MODELThe brand model encompasses all key brand elements that reflect the DNA of our brand. It builds the foundation – both verbally and visually.

Brand essencePulse of Bahrain


To shape the future of society through innovative digital solutions.



With cutting-edge business and lifestyle solutions that are essential to everyday life, we inspire and energise individuals, institutions and society to unleash new opportunities.

Value propositionWe offer trusted and innovative financial and information solutions that make life easier, smarter and more efficient for businesses and consumers.

Brand values in detail

Our brand values make a statement about what is most important to us as an organisation. They are the guiding principles that articulate what our brand stands for, and the primary driving force behind our brand, business, behaviours and decisions.

  1. Simplicity- Our main priority is to make people‘s lives easier. We commit ourselves to do what‘s most convenient for our clients by turning complex tasks into simple solutions.
  2. Creativity- We believe in the power of creativity. With new
    ideas and innovations, we create new opportunities that enable everyone to take a step forward.
  3. Empowerment-We recognise the wish of everyone to pursue their
    ambitions. That‘s why we do our best to support people, businesses and institutions in all their endeavours, with seamless and powerful experiences.
  4. Responsibility-Sustainable growth needs a strong foundation.
    As reliable partner, we power a secure financial infrastructure and support society in its development with latest technologies.

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All Benefit affiliated retail banks are participating and these are: