OUR BRAND - COLORSSelf-confident, proud. Our colours are energetic, warm and striking.

Our coloursPrimary colours

Strong, self-confident, energetic, but also soft, high in quality and professional. Our world of colours gives us a trustworthy and yet lively appearance and thus perfectly underlines our brand character. The consistent use of primary and secondary colours creates a uniform, expressive and distinctive appearance.

Benefit Red

energetic self-confident national

Our primary hero colour, ”Benefit Red“, is a key identifying feature of the brand, along with the logo and the brand‘s distinctive rhythm. It reflects the core of our brand – the Pulse of Bahrain. Progressiveness, but also national pride, as well as tradition, are expressed in this modern interpretation of red.

RGB – 233 | 0 | 48
HEX- #e90030
PANTONE® – 185 C / 2035 U
CMYK – 0 | 100 | 80 | 0

Light Sand

grounding collaborative approachable

Our hero colour ”Light Sand“ is the counterpart of red in our appearance. It ensures
clarity and is the colour basis in our appearance. It softens and provides the gentle, considered tone in our communication.

RGB – 241 | 235 | 222
HEX- #f1ebde
PANTONE® – 9080 C / 9080 U
CMYK – 7 | 7 | 15 | 0


credible open straightforward

White supports our hero colours and complements the primary trio. It reflects
the fresh, open and friendly character of the brand and structures the visual look
in all applications.

RGB – 255 | 255 | 255
HEX- #ffffff
CMYK – 0 | 0 | 0 | 0

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