BENEFIT, the Kingdom’s innovator and leading company in Fintech and electronic financial transactions service, announces the promotion of more than 30 high-achieving employees for 2023. The new promotions further cements BENEFITs unwavering commitment and ongoing investment in their workforce.

Employees from several departments were given managerial and supervisor roles in line with BENEFIT’s key pillars to develop national talents enabling them to uptake leadership roles to further contribute to the Company, and the sector as a whole.

As a frontrunner within the Financial sector, BENEFIT has always invested in local talent and is proud to have a high Bahrainisation rate. The new headquarters is home to 139 with a 92% Bahrainisation rate, as well as a diverse workforce with 32% female employees.

Salah Alawadhi, Head of Human Resources & Administration, commented, “At BENEFIT, we value our people, and we demonstrate this by investing in their success. Our high-achieving employees went above and beyond, and have fulfilled their promise to BENEFIT’s vision which was reflected in their work and success milestones. We are happy to recognize their efforts and announce their achievements. We look forward to their journey with BENEFIT to create an even bigger impact for Bahrain and the MENA region.”


He added, “We are constantly rethinking how to value and invest in our workforce to make them resilient, support them in developing valuable skills for the future, and adaptable to the constant shifts the past years have shown. Our team is the backbone of our success and comes first in every process we undertake. By continuing to empower our local talent, we can collectively achieve the Company goals.


Throughout the years, BENEFIT led several initiatives dedicated to mentor, educate and foster learning for young individuals and aspiring entrepreneurs allowing them to participate and be part of Bahrain’s thriving financial sector.