Terms and ConditionsTerms and Conditions to use BenefitPay

BenefitPay Terms and Conditions

This document contains the “Terms and Conditions”, which shall be applicable to all transactions initiated by the User through the BenefitPay Application developed by BENEFIT. The User is advised to carefully read and understand these Terms and Conditions before using the BenefitPay Application. By using BenefitPay Application, the User will be deemed to have read, understood and confirms his/her acceptance of the Terms and Conditions, mentioned here. The user will be bounded by these terms and conditions, as amended from time to time. The terms and conditions shall be displayed on BENEFIT’s website and BenefitPay Application and shall continue to apply each time the User uses the App.

  • App/Application

    The Software installed at the user’s smartphone.

  • Bank

    The financial institution that has the customer’s account and issuing payment instruments to be utilized in payments through the App.


    Bahrain Electronic Network for Financial Transactions; the company owner responsible for the implementation and operation of the BenefitPay Application.

  • Dispute

    Any contentious matters reported by the customer related to a financial transaction.

  • BenefitPay

    The mobile payment software installed at the user’s smartphone used for the purpose of payments to merchants and transfers.

  • Merchant

    The entity/person that receives the payment in exchange of assets/services by the BenefitPay.

  • Payment Instrument

    The tool used for payments issued by the bank i.e. Debit Card, Credit Card, bank account.

  • Transaction

    The process carried out between a buyer and a seller to exchange an asset for payment or fund transfer between payer and beneficiary.

  • User

    The person who uses the BenefitPay Application.

  1. User shall guarantee that all the personal information provided at the registration in the BenefitPay Wallet application is correct, valid, and no misrepresentation has been made by the User.
  2. Entering other persons information shall hold the user liable and subject to criminal prosecution.
  3. The Payment instrument registration/enrollment in the BenefitPay wallet is subject to verification and authorization by the card issuer bank using the authentication tool provided to the card holder (i.e. PIN, 3D secure, Secure Code).
  4. User shall not share any passwords, PIN codes, IDs related to payment authorization or login to BenefitPay account, any such disclosure shall be at the absolute liability of the User who shall be liable for any losses sustained as a result of such disclosure or by any act of negligence. All transactions initiated by the user from any payment instrument registered in the wallet is the liability of the user.
  5. The use of the App is personal to the User; the User may not assign it to anyone else. User agrees and acknowledges, at his/her full risk and liability, that he/she is the personal holder of the Account(s) and consequently the primary holder of the debit/credit card(s) whose credentials may be necessary for payments using the App.
  6. User authorizes BENEFIT to store personal information provided at the registration, certain data of the payment instruments and transaction history and information.
  7. User authorizes BENEFIT to use the information for the purpose of market analysis, marketing and for statistical purposes.
  8. The User shall not hold BENEFIT responsible for any dispute/issue arising from any purchase of goods/Services from Merchant(s) through transactions initiated via BenefitPay Application or fund transfer to any beneficiary. User understands and agrees that all such claims, if any shall be against such Merchant(s) or beneficiary and not against BENEFIT, which shall be initiated by contacting the User’s respective Bank.
  9. BENEFIT will not share any sensitive data with any third party.
  10. BENEFIT shall ensure its best effort to secure the BenefitPay Application and all the information related to it in accordance to international standards and best practices.
  11. BENEFIT shall not liable of any loss whatsoever and of any kind to the customer that could be related to this application.
  12. Any use of the App with the purpose of payment or transfer using Banks payment instruments to debit/credit account is subject to Banks verification, authorization, and acceptance.
  13. BENEFIT does not warrant that the use of the Application or its content will be available, or will function without interruption, or that it will be free of errors, or that any errors will be corrected.
  14. User shall take all necessary measures to keep the debit/credit card(s) and Personal Identification Number (PIN code) related to it, and assumes all responsibility for any and all consequences of not keeping the PIN code confidential, as well as for any unauthorized use of the App by any other person.
  15. For transfers/payments using accounts, the User authorizes his/her Bank to debit his/her account based on a request initiated by the User through the BenefitPay for the purpose of payment or transfer.
  1. BENEFIT shall offer a reward program for BenefitPay users in form of points, airline miles, etc…
  2. BENEFIT has the sole right to stop, suspend or cancel the reward program at any time without prior notice.
  3. BENEFIT shall not be liable for any claims against the reward program.
  4. The user will be entitled to the reward based on the payments done through the registered debit cards within BenefitPay application only.
  5. The redemption of the rewards is subject to the rules and regulation of the party providing the points (i.e. Airline).
  1. This Cashback offer is valid only during the promotional campaign for Sadeem service over BenefitPay for a limited period
  2. Customer that uses Sadeem service over BenefitPay will receive a cashback into his Sadeem Balance instantly within 24 hours.
  3. Customer who use the service in any petrol Stations in Bahrain will get 10% cashback
  4. Weekly Maximum Cashback amount per customer is BD 2/-
  5. Benefit/Bapco may change terms and conditions without customer notification

Our privacy policy is subject to change at any time without prior notice. You are advised to always review the policies for any changes prior to using the App.

When you use our Application, we collect and store your personal information provided by you from time to time. We do so to ensure that you are provided a safe, efficient, smooth and seamless experience. This also allows us to understand your needs and provide for services and features that best suit them. Also, the collection of such information is to provide for customizations on our application and to ensure that your experience is always safer and easier.

If you choose to transact on the App, we will collect information about your transaction behavior. We collect some additional information, such as details of the recipient or payer of the transaction, location, etc. which may be used for providing better experience to you while using the App, along with marketing and statistical purposes.

We use personal information to provide the services you request. We may use this information to keep you informed of any online and offline offers, products, services, and such updates shall be made available for use.

We may use the information obtained in order to detect, protect and prevent against error, fraud and other criminal activity and to enforce our terms and conditions which are condition precedent to use the App.

The present Terms and Conditions and its amendments from time to time shall be governed by the laws of Kingdom of Bahrain and subject exclusively jurisdiction of the Bahrain Courts.