Terms and ConditionsTerms and Conditions to use BenefitPay

BenefitPay Terms and Conditions

These Terms and Conditions shall govern the use of the BenefitPay application ("the App") and its associated services ("the Services"), that form the relationship between the Users (“you” or “your”) and the Benefit Company B.S.C (c) (“Benefit”, “we”, “us”, and “our”). By using the App and the Services, you agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions. Therefore, you are advised to carefully read and understand these Terms and Conditions before using any Services provided by Benefit. If you have any questions, please contact one of our customer service representatives on +973 13300300.

  • App/Application

    The Software installed at the user’s smartphone.

  • Bank

    The financial institution that has the customer’s account and issuing payment instruments to be utilized in payments through the App.


    Bahrain Electronic Network for Financial Transactions; the company owner responsible for the implementation and operation of the BenefitPay Application.

  • Dispute

    Any contentious matters reported by the customer related to a financial transaction.

  • BenefitPay

    The mobile payment software installed at the user’s smartphone used for the purpose of payments to merchants and transfers.

  • Merchant

    The entity/person that receives the payment in exchange of assets/services by the BenefitPay.

  • Payment Instrument

    The tool used for payments issued by the bank i.e. Debit Card, Credit Card, bank account.

  • Transaction

    The process carried out between a buyer and a seller to exchange an asset for payment or fund transfer between payer and beneficiary.

  • User

    The person who uses the BenefitPay Application.

You may use the App to make payments and manage your account. To be able to use our Services, we may require certain information from you, such as your card and your bank account details.

By using our Services, you represent and warrant that all the information provided to Benefit is accurate, valid, updated, and free from misrepresentations. When you provide us with your information, you agree that we may use it for advertising and marketing purposes. For more information, please refer to our Privacy Policy.

It is important to note that impersonating another person and using their personal information to subscribe to our Services is considered a criminal offense, and you may be held liable and subject to prosecution as a result. Benefit may also take any other action we deem fit.

You acknowledge that your information will be stored by us for a period of 10 years and may be disclosed to third parties within and outside Bahrain for regulatory requirements, cloud storage, statistical purposes, and other reasons in accordance with relevant laws and regulations.

Your account and card registration on the App is subject to verification and authorization by your Bank using the authentication tool provided by the bank including but not limited to PIN code, 3D secure, Secure Code, and One Time Password (“OTP”).

We take your security and privacy seriously. As such, we are required by law to verify your identity before registering your account. In some cases, we may need to use video identification and obtain necessary documentation to create an account. By using our Services, you acknowledge and agree that our employees may conduct identity checks when necessary.

You understand that you may not share any passwords, PIN codes, OTP’s, card details, or IDs related to you or your transactions or your account. You will be held responsible for any disclosure of such information and for any losses incurred as a result of such disclosure or by any act of negligence. All transactions initiated by you through the App shall be your sole responsibility.

Our Services provide you with the ability to initiate several different electronic fund transfers (“EFTS"), including Fawri, Fawri+, Fawateer, Sadeem, Remittance, E-cheques, Split Bill, Multi Send, and Charity, and any other Services provided through our service channels or App (the "transactions"). Before completing any transaction, it is important to ensure the accuracy of all information and to select the correct beneficiary, including the International Bank Account Number ("IBAN"), mobile number, or any other accepted form of identification by our App. By initiating a transaction, you explicitly consent to the processing of your personal data, which is necessary to complete the transaction. Benefit will not be responsible for any disputes that may arise from your use of our Services. In the event of any disputes related to but not limited to purchases from merchants, payment of bills using Fawateer, or funds transfers to beneficiaries, claims should be directed towards the merchant, biller, or beneficiary and not towards Benefit.

As Transactions are initiated by you through the App, requests for amendments cannot be accepted. However, you may request to cancel a transfer or payment before its execution, and we will consider such requests as far as practicable. Please note that international transfers may involve additional fees, depending on your bank. If you use our Services by scanning a QR Code or any other technology, and the payment is confirmed using your card PIN or facial recognition technology, the payment will be charged to your account. In case of any transaction issues, please contact your bank for further assistance.

Use of our Services for transaction initiation or account balance inquiry is subject to your bank's verification, authorization, and approval. Your account balance is only visible to you upon request, and this information is not stored or processed by us. By initiating a transaction request, you authorize your bank to debit your account or avail your balance for payment, transfer, or account balance inquiry purposes. You confirm that all transactions will be compliant with applicable laws and regulations and will not be fraudulent or for fraudulent or criminal purposes. Please note that while we strive to provide a seamless experience, our Services are not guaranteed to be available or functioning without interruption or free of errors. Certain bugs and errors may not be rectified instantly.

We shall not be held liable if we are unable to complete any transactions initiated by you for any reason beyond our control, including but not limited to insufficient funds, disruption of Services, and force majeure events. We reserve the right to decline to carry out any transactions, orders, or other uses of the Services if the App suspects fraud, a breach of these Terms and Conditions by you, or a violation of the law. Additionally, transactions may experience delays due to the App's or a third party's compliance with obligations under applicable anti-money laundering legislation, including if the App or the relevant third-party suspects fraud in the transaction.

It is your responsibility to ensure that the beneficiary's IBAN or mobile number linked to the bank account for transfers and other details is accurate before confirming the payment. We cannot be held liable for any loss resulting from incorrect, incomplete, or erroneous information provided.

It is important to note that the credit will be provided solely based on the beneficiary's IBAN or mobile number, and their name or other particulars may not be relied upon. By authorizing the transaction, you assume full responsibility and authorize us to initiate the transaction with the applicable charges and value-added tax (VAT).

You understand that we will not be liable for any loss or damage resulting from a delay in transmission or non-delivery of an EFTS or any mistake, omission, or error in transmission or delivery for any reason whatsoever, including misinterpretation or the action of the beneficiary bank, or any act beyond our reasonable control.

By authorizing the EFTS request, you give your explicit consent to the retrieval, processing, transmission, and storage of your personal data, which is necessary for the execution of the transfer request.

You can use the App to make payments to merchants who accept BenefitPay. Please note that you are solely responsible for ensuring that you have sufficient funds in your account to make payments. Moreover, we reserve the right to refuse or cancel any payment for any reason.

By using any of our Services, you agree to pay any fees associated with your usage to Benefit or your respective bank. Benefit reserves the right to introduce, amend, or change any fee or charge applicable to our Services at any time. It is your responsibility to stay knowledgeable about our fees, and we will not be liable for any losses, costs, or damages caused by our fees or your bank's fees.

To ensure your protection, we have established daily and transaction limits for all types of transactions. If any of your transactions exceed these limits, they will not be permitted. We reserve the right to modify or introduce new limits applicable to transactions to enhance security for all our customers and to comply with regulations, including those related to preventing and combating money laundering and terrorist financing activities.

If consecutive incorrect passwords and/or biometric identifications are used, we may temporarily lock your user account for a specified period. In such a situation, you can seek assistance from our Customer Contact Centre.

You are solely responsible for the security of your account and must refrain from sharing any passwords, PIN codes, IDs, 3D secure, Secure Code, or OTP codes, or login information (the “Codes”) related to payment or account authorization with any person. Any losses sustained due to disclosure resulting from your sharing of such Codes shall be your sole responsibility and liability.

Please note that we will not be held liable for any damage sustained to you as a result of sharing any of the above-mentioned codes, nor will we reimburse you for any losses, including consequential losses. All transactions initiated by you using our Services are your sole responsibility and liability.

To avoid any errors or discrepancies, please ensure the accuracy of amounts and beneficiary details prior to completing any transactions, as these cannot be reversed once completed. In case of any wrongful completion of a transaction, you will be required to contact your bank for assistance. You acknowledge that if a third-party gains access to your App, Account, or Codes, they would be able to carry out transactions.

All transactions made from your account will be regarded as originating solely from you. If you enable the feature that allows you to log in using your fingerprint or face ID on compatible devices, you agree not to grant such access rights to anyone else.

By using such access rights, you are deemed to have expressly authorized us to carry out all requests and transactions received from your password, fingerprint, or registered face ID. These authorizations may also include requests for OTP originating from your account and/or push notifications and SMS, which you shall be deemed to have expressly authorized. You are fully responsible for all transactions initiated from your account, whether they occur with or without your knowledge and authority.

By using our Service, you consent to us being able to download and install updates to the Service on your device.

Please note that our records containing your instructions as received shall be considered material evidence of such instructions when issued and shall be legally binding upon you. Therefore, you hereby waive any right to contest or dispute their validity.

It is prohibited to use your Account for any illegal purposes, such as fraud and money laundering. If you engage in or attempt to engage in any transaction that violates these Terms and Conditions, we reserve the right to reverse the transaction, lock or suspend your Account, report the transaction to the relevant law enforcement agency, and/or seek damages from you.

You are responsible for verifying through the App that a payment instruction has been received and processed by us. We cannot be held liable for any losses that may occur if you send us erroneous or duplicate payment instructions. If the App receives your payment instruction by the cut off time on a business day, it will be considered received by us on that same Business Day. However, if your payment instruction is received after the cut off time or on a day that is not a business day, it will be considered received on the next business day. Please visit our website for more information.

We reserve the right to assign or engage third-party agents or service providers (“TPSP”) to provide some or all of our Services. Please note that neither we nor any third party or agent shall be liable for any loss, damage, delay, or failure to perform caused by the acts or omissions of any such third party or agent. Moreover, we will not be held liable for any third party's negligence, act, or failure to act, and will not be involved in any dispute between you and any third-party Service provider, whether or not appointed by us.

When using our Services, you may initiate international remittances via third-party remittance service providers. As such, you acknowledge and agree that the terms and conditions of these providers may apply to the remittance, and it is your responsibility to review and comply with them. You understand that you will be responsible for all fees, charges, taxes, and other costs associated with international remittances, including any additional fees or charges that may be applicable if the beneficiary's account is not in the local currency or if you choose to complete a transaction in a different currency. Additionally, you acknowledge that the fees charged by different remittance service providers are subject to change and may not always be guaranteed.

Please be aware that Benefit shall not be liable for any fees, exchange rates, acts or omissions of the remittance service providers or the beneficiary bank, any losses resulting from any charges or fees being applied, or any indirect, special, incidental, or consequential damages that may arise. By using our Services to initiate international remittances, you accept these Terms and Conditions and agree to be bound by them.

When you use our merchant payment Services through scanning a QR Code or other technology (including but not limited to contactless payments and whether confirmed using the card PIN or facial recognition technology or otherwise), the payments made will be charged to your account. It is your responsibility to verify the amount charged to your account and the merchant details before confirming the QR payment, we shall not be held liable if a QR payment transaction fails to process, experiences delays, or is incomplete or unauthorized interception or misuse of QR Payments due to any reason whatsoever. Therefore, you shall be responsible for all QR payment transactions carried out on your account.

Benefit reserves the right to revoke user access, suspend, lock, or delete, your user Account or refuse to complete any transactions at any time and for any reason, including but not limited to breaching these Terms and Conditions, using our Services for purposes contrary to their intended purpose, or using our Services in a manner that contravenes the law.

You may notify us at any time of your intention to close your account and terminate the use of all our Services by calling us on +97313300300 or visiting our customer service center. Please note that accounts will be closed within 5 business days of receiving a request.

Furthermore, you may opt out of using our Services at any time without the need to notify us. Please note that these Terms and Conditions will be applicable to any other Services or transactions that Benefit may introduce from time to time.

You may terminate your use of the App and the Services at any time by deleting your account. We may also terminate your use of the App and the Services at any time without notice. Please note that you are responsible for all fees and charges associated with your use of the App.

You have the right to withdraw your consent for processing of your personal data at any time. Please note that the withdrawal of consent will only apply to future use of your personal data and will not affect the legitimate use of your personal information prior to the withdrawal of consent. Please read our Privacy Policy for more information.

We may temporarily or permanently suspend your Account under the following circumstances:

  • Consecutive use of incorrect password and/or biometric identifications. If this happens, you can reset your account and/or password by contacting our customer contact center.
  • Fraudulent transactions involving your Account.
  • instructions from the Central Bank of Bahrain or any other regulator or law enforcement.
  • Receipt of information that prevents us from providing Services to you.

You agree to indemnify, defend, and hold us, our licensors, and affiliates (including employees, directors, agents, and representatives) harmless from any and all claims, costs, actions, suits, chargebacks, fees, demands, and associated losses, damages, liabilities, judgments, tax, penalties, interest, and expenses (including reasonable attorneys' fees). This applies to any claim, action, audit, investigation, inquiry, or other proceeding initiated by a person or entity that arises from or is related to:

  • Any actual or alleged breach of your representations, warranties, or obligations as set forth in these Terms and Conditions, including any violation of our policies or rules.
  • Any actual or alleged infringement, misappropriation, or violation of any third-party rights or applicable law by trademarks used in connection with the App.
  • Your use of the Service.
  • Any transaction submitted by you through the Service.

Please note that this clause shall remain valid after the deactivation and deletion of your account.

We strive to provide reliable and secure Services, but we provide our Service "as is," and we cannot guarantee that it will always be safe, secure, or work perfectly. Moreover, to the extent permitted by law, we disclaim all warranties, whether express or implied, including but not limited to the implied warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, title, and non-infringement. Our liability for anything that happens through the App is limited to the extent that the law permits. We cannot predict all the possible impacts of any issue that may arise with our Service. You agree that we will not be responsible, or liable, for any lost profits, revenues, information, or data, or for any consequential, special, indirect, exemplary, punitive, or incidental damages arising out of or related to these Terms and Conditions, even if we know they are possible. This includes situations where we delete your content, information, or account.

We take the protection of our intellectual property seriously. The App and its contents are protected by intellectual property laws, and you may not copy, reproduce, or distribute the App or its contents, our name or Logo without our prior written consent.

We reserve the right to amend our Terms and Conditions and/or introduce new Services, fees, and charges, and/or modify the fees on any Services at any time, unless otherwise required by Law.

If you continue to use the Service, you will be bound by the updated Terms and Conditions. If you do not agree to these or any updated Terms and Conditions, you will be unable to use our Services and may delete your account.


You may call us on +973 133 003 00 to report such cases.

These Terms and Conditions constitute the entire agreement between you and us. We may update these Terms and Conditions from time to time without notice, and if any provision of these Terms and Conditions is found to be invalid or unenforceable, the remaining provisions will remain in effect. These Terms and Conditions are governed by the laws of the Kingdom of Bahrain, and any disputes arising will be resolved by the courts of the Kingdom of Bahrain

Our privacy policy is subject to change at any time without prior notice. You are advised to always review the policies for any changes prior to using the App.

When you use our Application, we collect and store your personal information provided by you from time to time. We do so to ensure that you are provided a safe, efficient, smooth and seamless experience. This also allows us to understand your needs and provide for services and features that best suit them. Also, the collection of such information is to provide for customizations on our application and to ensure that your experience is always safer and easier.

If you choose to transact on the App, we will collect information about your transaction behavior. We collect some additional information, such as details of the recipient or payer of the transaction, location, etc. which may be used for providing better experience to you while using the App, along with marketing and statistical purposes.

We use personal information to provide the services you request. We may use this information to keep you informed of any online and offline offers, products, services, and such updates shall be made available for use.

We may use the information obtained in order to detect, protect and prevent against error, fraud and other criminal activity and to enforce our terms and conditions which are condition precedent to use the App.