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Annual Reports

"Shaping the Future of Society for 25 years"

Annual Report 2022
Annual Report 2022 Benefit 2022 AR English Full

"The Pulse of Bahrain"

Annual Report 2021
Annual Report 2021 Benefit AR 2021 English

"Building a Contactless society"

Annual Report 2020
BENEFIT’s products and services continue to make huge strides in delivering solutions that create value for a cross section of [...]


Annual Report 2019
The spirit of change. A passion for renewal. The power to release creative energies. Together they unleash the driving forces [...]

"One Vision, One Goal, One Team, One Nation"

Annual Report 2018
One. Everything begins with one. It is the starting point. The beginning. It sets the pace, and puts in motion [...]

"Adding value for 20 years"

Annual Report 2017
Since inception in 1997, The BENEFIT Company has been at the very heart of efforts to facilitate growth, develop innovative [...]

"Advancing Bahrain’s Financial Systems"

Annual Report 2016
It’s power is in its silence. Its strength is in the respect it commands without uttering a word. Its resilience [...]

"Working together for the pride of a nation"

Annual Report 2015
There is a sense of completeness when a task is finished. A sense of satisfaction prevails when it is finally [...]

" The Benefit of a Vision"

Annual Report 2014
The future is a territory waiting to be explored. Its unformed contours are lined by the immense prospects of potentials [...]

"Building Connections"

Annual Report 2013
We live in an increasingly connected world. The shrinking of distances through the power of technology has opened avenues for [...]

"The Benefit of Time"

Annual Report 2012
Bahrain, as the seat of the lost and illustrious Dilmun empire, stepped onto the stage of history some 3000 years [...]

"What’s the Benefit?"

Annual Report 2011
The determination and efforts of our highly qualified team are evident in the attainment of BENEFIT’s objectives for the year, [...]