GCC Net Dispute Management SystemThe Hub of All Regional GCC Net Dispute Claims

What is GCC Net Dispute Management System

BENEFIT hosts the “GCC Net Dispute Management System” website, wherein all commercial banks from all over the GCC can raise and settle customer disputes online.

We are thus considered to be the hub of all regional GCC Net dispute claims and a leader in the electronic transactions market in the region.


  • Providing an online platform for fast and efficient dispute management, BENEFIT allows commercial banks in Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Oman, and Saudi Arabia to raise and settle customer dispute claims across these countries.

  • In case of a customer dispute within the GCC Net network, the issuing bank (the bank of the cardholder) raises a claim online to the acquiring bank (the bank of the ATM terminal).

  • The acquiring bank views the claim and investigates accordingly and responds back to the issuing bank either by accepting or rejecting the claim within a maximum of 14 days.

  • If the claim was to be accepted, the issuing bank is required to credit the customer’s account with the disputed amount.


As a commercial bank with a large network of operation, and an even larger customer base, being part of the “GCC Net Dispute Management System” provides you with a single-stop solution for addressing customer disputes from all over the GCC.

The online portal makes it accessible to everyone, while actions are quickly taken up and cleared by us here at BENEFIT.

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