BenefitPayBahrain’s National Electronic Wallet Payment System

BenefitPay. Helps businesses make fast, secure and streamlined payments online.

Eliminating the need for cash or cards, transactions can be sent or received quickly just by using the app on smartphones. For more efficient and cost-effective operation, simplify your payment needs with BenefitPay! Of course, the payment process is highly safe and secure for all our merchant partners. Definitely the solution for all your cashless payment needs!


Did you know that BenefitPay plays a major part in setting Bahrain as a regional FinTech hub with a range of innovative products and services?

Features and How to Use

The BenefitPay App is simple to set up, easy to understand, convenient to use, and is highly secure! Future-proof your business by accepting payments anytime, anywhere.

Customers who have the BenefitPay App may scan your QR code, enter proper authentication, and walk away with their purchase. In turn, you receive the payment safely, securely, and immediately.

Customer Scans QR Code from the merchant’s app

Confirm Payment

Merchant receives the payment immediately

With BenefitPay, checkouts are made easier. The In-app and Web checkout feature allows customers to pay directly through your website or application via APIs and SDKs.

How to Apply

  1. Approach the Acquirer for service registration.
  2. The Acquirer will be provided with a Merchant Admin portal to enroll your details and branch details.
  3. The Acquirer will activate your services using the Merchant Admin portal, and will send you an email with login credentials and an activation tool for the Merchant app.
  4. You will be provided with a web portal to setup branches and Terminal users, including mobile devices to be used by your delivery executives.
  5. You may then download the BenefitPay merchant application to tablets or smart devices from iOS/Android app stores.

Benefits of BenefitPay

Compatible with all devices

You can use any smartphone or tablet available to install our app and start accepting payments.

Full autonomy

You have full control of managing the branches and terminals accepting the payments.

Analytics tool

You will be provided an online tool to manage the service, and will have access to reconciliation reports 24/7.


Terminals will provide freedom to accept payments at any point in the branch, and can be extended to mobile devices for delivery service.

Instant Notifications

Payment notification will be shown instantly to merchant terminal, and to customer.


Enables even small merchants and virtual CR holders to make and accept electronic payments.


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